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Inside the Lab

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The Neuromuscular Research Laboratory is focused on the neuro-motor control of movement, locomotion, and balance in healthy human subjects and people with neurological disorders and sports injuries. Through the study of posture and gait disorders in post-stroke individuals, as well as those suffering from Parkinson’s disease, researchers are developing novel approaches and technologies in neuro-rehabilitation.

The laboratory includes four office rooms, one entry room, two exchange rooms, one small testing room, and one large testing room.

The Lab Team

Lab Director

Wen Liu, PhD
Associate Professor

Linda Ladesich, MD
Fen Wang, MD
PhD students Clayton Wauneka, BS
Tarang Jain, MS, PT
David Tran, BS
Current Projects
  1. A robot-aided motor training in combination with acupuncture in stroke rehabilitation
  2. Impaired weight matching in stroke survivors
  3. Understanding ankle functional instability and the effect of balance training
  4. Age effect on balance recovery under mechanical perturbation